Gloucestershire Powerlifting

Thanks for landing at Gloucestershire Powerlifting, the place where we are absolutely passionate about helping our members. Many have got their hands on a bar for the first time here, some compete, and everyone is aiming to get better, fitter, and stronger. Just 50 meters from Gloucester Quays, we’re in the heart of the city with easy access, plenty of free parking, and with not one, but two qualified and experienced coaches. We offer top-quality equipment, regularly maintained and renewed on a rolling program, including 8 squat, bench, and deadlift stations and all the bars and weight plates you’ll ever need. We are both an English and British-approved powerlifting center operating in a safe manner as you’d expect, but more than that our existing members will tell you how genuinely friendly and welcoming we are… just take a look at the testimonials. Head coach Ryan takes care of the programming, bespoke to you following an initial assessment. Drop-in on a Monday evening 8-9:30 pm, Wednesday evening 8-9:15pm or Friday evening 7-8:30pm and take a look around, or use the Contact Us form to get in touch.


Powerlifting Classes

Classes accommodate all ability levels as we take a systematic approach in tailoring the group program to accommodate for all individuals experiences.
Learn the key fundamentals of the Squat, Bench press and Deadlift. This includes technique analysis based on your structure and mobility.
We will help identify mobility and stability areas for development and will then provide appropriate dills for improvement.
In-group programming provided to each member. This is an ongoing, semi-customisable program, designed to build correct movement patterns, increase strength and to break plateaus.


2 Powerlifting Sessions Per Week - Monday & Friday
£70 per month
2 Powerlifting Sessions + 1 Circuit Session Per Week
£85 per month
Drop in fee
£12 per session (subject to availability)

Wednesday Strength & Fitness Bootcamp

A structured bootcamp which combines Strength & Cardio into one safe, but sweaty session!
Each session consists of at least one barbell movement of choice to work on developing technique and strength.
The remainder of time will focus on a Strength & Fitness based circuit, with a particular theme each month to keep classes fresh, enjoyable and progressable.


Wednesday Strength Bootcamp
£45 Per Month

Online Coaching Only

Are you ready to make a big change to your strength, physique & fitness yet can't regularly commit to in person training with us?
We've developed an online coaching platform to provide as much accountability than our in person training so that you can train at a time, place and with equipment that is convenient to you.
Online Coaching involves much more than just being sent a pre-made program and then left in the dark. I'll take you through a step-by-step process on how we develop your plan, how you will progress from week to week with accompanied weekly technique analysis and daily communication support. Online Coaching is a flexible service for anyone outside of Gloucestershire.
09:00 – 18:00 daily interaction time. This can be basic technique analysis, training advice or for any other type of support as needed.
Thursday & Sunday Check-ins
Smartphone App with tracking, workouts and exercise library
Customised progressive program
Weekly video analysis


£70 per month

Hybrid Coaching

Everything you get with the online programming is included as part of this service as well as additional classes to receive in-person coaching and additional support, be it to help refine technique, boost confidence or to further dive into programming specifics


Online Coaching + 1 Session Per Month
£80 per month
Online Coaching + 2 Sessions Per Month
£90 per month
Online Coaching + 4 Sessions Per Month
£100 per month

Who Are We?

Set up by Head Coach Ryan Edwards in 2018 with a small band of merry powerlifters training a couple of nights a week, Gloucestershire Powerlifting has grown quickly and was formalised in late 2020 – achieving approved centre status in the middle of a global pandemic (we do like a challenge!)

Head Coach Ryan is responsible for all technical input as well as your bespoke programming based on your objectives, and is assisted in the delivery of this by coach Andy Liddle. Ryan has a sports science degree, and is both a qualified personal trainer and L2 powerlifting coach. He offers 1:1 personal training through
Andy is responsible for much of the day to day running of the business, and is also a L2 qualified powerlifting coach, English M2 66kg champion and English squat and bench record holder. Andy runs an insurance company working exclusively in the personal training and fitness industry.

What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is an intense and exciting sport representing the ultimate test of physical and physiological strength. The sport is primarily designed to build and express the maximum strength of the big three fundamental movements: Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift, within a competition. However, the amazing aspect of powerlifting is that it can be adapted for absolutely anyone;

A young individual who has never touched a barbell and wants to learn how to proficiently move and load into the fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, horizontal and vertical push).
An experienced lifter who wants to boost their numbers through smart, progressive programming.
Those with an extensive injury history who need a sport that’s easily regressed and progressed dependent on their current rehabilitation.
Those who simply want to build a general base of strength and stability for everyday tasks.

The aim of our classes

Whether you are wanting to compete or simply want to join our fun filled community, we are always open to newcomers, regardless of knowledge or previous training experience. To see our opening times and central location click here. Want to find out more about the services we offer? You can find that here. You can also get us on 07376 060314 or 07900 808067.

  • To teach it's members how to perform the Squat, Benchpress & Deadlift safely.

  • To Build a base of confidence, be it confidence walking into a gym environment, getting under a barbell for the first time or to hit that new personal best!

  • Develop mobility and stability. These are the key fundamentals to building strength and staying injury free.

  • To educate those who want to compete about the sport of powerlifting.

  • Enjoy the process in a fun and safe community. Classes are filled with high energy coaching with a down-to-earth approach. Come down to one of our classes to see for yourself!


I was introduced to powerlifting by Ryan around 3 years ago, when looking to improve my general strength. Since then and with his guidance and support I have gained a huge insight into understanding how my body works and how I can improve it. He hosts a supportive and friendly community where technique and safety are paramount. Thanks to the help and coaching I have received, I managed to achieve a 200kg deadlift personal best this year and look forward to more. Thank you Ryan for all your time and effort you have invested in us to help us achieve our goals.

Chris Williams

2021 02 01

I would never have gone to a powerlifting session if my sports team hadn’t organised an intro session for us all to attend together. My perception of lifting was exclusive, testosterone-fuelled, shouty, not at all welcoming. What I experienced with Ryan was the complete opposite. He is super skilled and knowledgeable and coaches in a very inclusive supportive way. I have never done anything like this before but am really enjoying learning something new and feeling stronger all the time. I cannot recommend Ryan’s classes & 1-2-1 pt sessions enough, especially for people like me who are both newbies and don’t respond well to the Bootcamp style ‘drop & give me 50’ personal training!

Katie Careless

2021 03 15

I originated in the southwest and naturally as an active young lad I looked to join a local gym. I had been going to a commercial gym for around 1-5 years when I met an energetic new PT who offered a free barbell class if I won a game of beer pong (sports drink version). Of course, I won and had joined the class. I quickly discovered that although my technique wasn’t too shabby, I had yet much to learn about the details and proper programming. As a person who is naturally introverted, having been new to the area, I found Ryan’s unique personality very accommodating, helped me boost my confidence and come out of my shell. During the COVID-19 pandemic Ryan has been a god sent in maintaining my mental and progressing my physical wellbeing. I am glad to see Ryan’s personal progression as a coach now being head coach of Gloucestershire Powerlifting Club.

Osamah Ahmad

2021 02 15

I started working with Ryan three years ago, when I took up powerlifting to build strength after I sustained some serious injuries playing rugby. Thanks to Ryan’s expert guidance and support, I have literally gone from strength to strength. His encouragement has helped me exceed my goals and I am not only stronger than ever now, I have gained confidence too. Thank you Ryan!

Raines Walker

2021 02 01

I’ve learned so much from Ryan over the past 18 months I’ve trained with him. Because of his vast knowledge, I now train pain-free for the first time. I started barbell classes on my own in an environment where everyone had known each other for years. Everyone in the class is welcoming and offers encouragement and advice. We always have a laugh in class. In our PT sessions Ryan has taught me variants of exercises I couldn’t previously do. I’ve learned not to give up, as there is always a way to progress and achieve a goal, you just have to find your own path.

Jacqueline Cox

2021 02 01

Ryan provides classes that are suitable for everyone, providing great individualised coaching to help everyone improve and meet their goals. Ryan has not only taught me to lift but has given me confidence in myself. Even during a pandemic Ryan has continued to support and challenge, allowing me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of. I am excited to get back into the gym with the rest of the class. Enjoy some great music, celebrate other people's achievement and smash some of my own.

Becky Parsons

2021 03 15