What is Powerlifting?
Powerlifting is an intense and exciting sport representing the ultimate test of physical and physiological strength.

The sport is primarily designed to build and express the maximum strength of the big three fundamental movements: Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift, within a competition.

However, the amazing aspect of powerlifting is that it can be adapted for absolutely anyone;

- A young individual who has never touched a barbell and wants to learn how to proficiently move and load into the fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, horizontal and vertical push).
- An experienced lifter who wants to boost their numbers through smart, progressive programming.
- Those with an extensive injury history who need a sport that’s easily regressed and progressed dependent on their current rehabilitation.
- Those who simply want to build a general base of strength and stability for everyday tasks.
The aim of our classes:
    Build a solid base of proficient movement patterns.
    Build a base of confidence, be it confidence walking into a gym environment, getting under a barbell for the first time or to hit that new personal best!
    Build mobility and stability. These are the key fundamentals to building strength and staying injury free.
    To teach those who want to compete about the sport of powerlifting.
    Enjoy the process in a fun and safe community. Classes are filled with high energy coaching with a down-to-earth approach. Come down to one of our classes to see for yourself!
Whether you are wanting to compete or simply want to join our fun filled community, we are always open to newcomers, regardless of knowledge or previous training experience. To see our opening times and central location click here. Want to find out more about the services we offer? You can find that here. You can also get us on 07376 060314 or 07900 808067.